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Progress: Roy Hatfield Named Manager of GC

Welcoming Roy Hatfield as the new editor of Gobbler Country.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last year I have seen this site move forward with integrity and it is what our readers deserve. My main goal as manager of this site was to help build a blog that covered Virginia Tech sports from new perspectives and along this journey I saw the need for doing things the right way. This lesson on integrity has been fostered from the VT motto, UT Prosim, and another latin phrase, Pro Humanitate, which means for humanity. I have focused on serving the Virginia Tech community, which in my mind covers the readers of this media outlet. This was the first step in making this the best Virginia Tech sports site on the Web. The next step is knowing when to move aside so that vision and expertise can take over. Those qualities are evident in Roy Hatfield who I feel confident will take this site to the next level. Finally, I would like to thank all of the Virginia Tech supporters that read our material.

Thank you and Go Hokies!