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Best Tweets About Virginia Tech vs. Ohio State So Far...

Some Of Them Are Confusing, Fair Warning

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

As self-described tweetaholics, the fine folks at Gobbler Country have explored the deepest reaches of the interwebs to provide you with the best tweets about the Labor Day showdown with Ohio State and Virginia Tech.  The suspensions, the intrigue of who is under center for the Buckeyes have all driven this.  Without further ado, here are my top tweets about O.S.U. vs. VT:

Strong words from a strong lady. I like the smack talk personally.

Hmm. Might be a bit of a homer there, what do the players think?

Excuse me. Roy Hatfield, Gobbler Country. Dadi how do you feel about the upcoming game against the Buckeyes? Are you feeling some type of way? Dadi:

I like this guys interesting take for the gambling populous:

The by all funniest is one that makes the most sense:

Its week one Hokies. Don't put all eggs in this basket.

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