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Do Not Redshirt Tim Settle

Give Mount St. Settle The Shot

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the true freshman getting looks from the coaching staff, there are none larger than Tim Settle.  At 359 pounds, Settle makes a big impression wherever he goes.  Andy Bitter of the Roanoke Times spoke with Coach Frank Beamer about Settle, and Frank offered this: ""You don’t want to try to out-run him," Frank Beamer said. "I’m impressed. Now, he’s got to lose some weight, but you’re talking about a guy who is light on his feet for that much weight. He’s got a chance to be really special. Needs to get some weight off. Needs to get stronger and get some weight off, but he’ll do that."  What better way to clog the middle, than with someone who could occupy Middle Earth?   The topic of whether to redshirt Settle is hot.  The temperature of the program can be taken with this one decision.  If Frank thinks this year could be "special" look for Settle to see action.  I don't go all-in without my best cards, and be rest assured Bud Foster and Beamer are better poker players than me.  If he does get redshirted, that tells me the coaches have a ton of faith in our D-line, and the depth.

"I know this: There were times we got gashed in the running game last year, and having a 359 pound beast clogging the arteries wouldn't hurt."

The real dilemma is to take care of the big guy himself.  If he only sees limited playing time, would it be best for Settle to sit out?  Personally, I want to see Mount St. Settle hit Ezekiel Elliott right in face, but if it means burning a year with limited snaps, then maybe we sit him.  Again, this being a make or break season for some people in the program, all bets are off the table.  The next few days are going to be pivotal.  Now that the Hokies are in full pads, we can see if Tarzan plays like Jane, or he is the real deal.  It would be hard for most coaches to forgo immediate payoff for future benefit, so Settle will tell us a lot about the mindset of Beamer and his staff.

The pros may outweigh the cons, literally and figuratively.  I can only surmise that Mr. Settle will have his coming out party on Labor Day weekend.

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