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Top 5 Questions That Will Be Answered At Saturday's Scrimmage

Here Is What We Will Be Looking For:

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

1.) Will Brandon Facyson return to form?

Kendall Fuller needs a partner in crime, and if Facyson can match the 2013 numbers he put up, the Hokies will be just fine. 2014 was an injury marred season, where he played only 3 games. After gaining a medical hardship waiver, Facyson is only a redshirt sophomore. It will be interesting to see how many snaps he gets in the scrimmage to determine his true health. He is currently listed on the depth chart as the starter, and solid reps Saturday will solidify that.

2.) How much action does Tim Settle get?

Tim Settle is a true freshman that has N.F.L. size. We will be watching how often he is certain packages including special teams. If he can get snaps on Beamer's "Pride and Joy" units, it's pretty much a given he won't be redshirted.

3.) The Dwayne Lawson Effect

All accounts are the kid is the real deal, albeit raw. It will be telling to see how many snaps this player is on the field, and in what position. If he lines up at receiver for any plays, then all bets are off. He takes some QB snaps, then look forward to 2016 Hokie fans as far as Lawson is concerned.

4.) Does this Scott Loeffler offense look improved?

It's a scrimmage so don't expect too much razzle dazzle. We just need to see it's getting better. The play calling last year could be described as predictable, and that's being generous. If we see a clear direction and plan, that's a victory.

5.) Is Frank Beamer engaged and coaching?

This has to be said. If our version of "The Old Ball Coach" looks passive or uninterested, that will speak volumes. If he is coaching, teaching and getting fired up, that would be a bonus. Guys who have been around the block like Frank get the most satisfaction out of leading players that want to be led. We for one, don't want to see sunglasses, Panama hat Frank. We want to see intense, getting better Beamer.

Keep it locked here tomorrow Tech fans, as we will have boots on the ground covering not only Fan Appreciation day, but the highly anticipated scrimmage.

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