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Fan Appreciation Was Fantastic

3 Weeks To Start Jumping...

On Saturday, Virginia Tech had an open house of sorts.  In a very cool move by the athletic department, the Hokies made themselves available for autographs and a meet and greet.  For some fans, the chance to walk the hallowed Worsham Field was enough on its own. There was also a scrimmage that followed the fan experience.

In case you don't have a number 2 on your depth chart, that is Dwayne Lawson. Some would argue he is the future of QB1 at Virginia Tech. If you remember, one of the questions we were interested in was the playing time of Tim Settle. Tim made a big impression. At 350 pounds plus, he always makes a big impression.

The big kid has some moves for sure.  Watching the Instagram video, I am absolutely giddy.  Brewer looked solid.  He shined at some points and missed an opportunity.

Lawson got some run with the second team, which was to be expected. It was a bit strange seeing #2 in Lane Stadium again. I kept thinking Ronyell Whitaker. By all accounts the report is the same. You can tell the kid has talent, needs a bit of polish.

Overall, the fact the program had the event was a huge success. It was great to see the players and the fans sharing some face time. We are 3 weeks from the opening kickoff, and GC can't wait to see these Hokies take the field.