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Dadi Nicolas Wins Gobbler Country's Twitter Account Of The Summer Award

Nicolas Is The One Twitter Account YOU Need To Follow

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

In a first here at Gobbler Country, we have decided to hand out an award.  In the boredom of the summer, it's slow going for Hokie Football news.  Signing day is the beginning of the end.  Then there is "Spring Ball".  Then we wait.  Then we wait some more.  Then there are sporadic recruiting stories, followed almost immediately by waiting.  I like to keep myself occupied by following some of the Hokie players' twitter accounts through the summer.  Some are funny. Some are curious.  I follow some to get an inside edge to report to you, the reader, any breaking news coming out of Blacksburg.  Most are quite vanilla, as I imagine Tech has a social media monitor to make sure nothing "good" leaks out.  Dadi Nicolas apparently get the memo.  He is entertaining and informative enough to win the first annual award handed out by GC.  Here are some samples of Nicolas' greatest hits, and why he was the deserving winner.

So there is that.  He has called is shot, and the swagger is strong with Dadi.  He is super confident, and has a chip on his shoulder.  He considered coming out for the draft, but didn't like the report he was reading.  He addressed this issue with this gem:

Ok. This tells me that fire burns in this young man, and he feels he is first round talent.  Most draft gurus are watching this season closely, and his health is the chief concern.  Chips on the shoulder are great motivators.  The reason why Dadi won the award is not only the football stuff. It's nuggets of wisdom like this on my feed that make me want to hang out with him:

Preach on sir, preach on. I would be remiss not to mention J.C. Coleman as the runner up. He is also worth a look, but Dadi sealed the deal with this pic that I think all Hokies need to see right about now:

Dadi, congratulations on the first award of the season.  I imagine your trophy case will be jammed packed by seasons end.

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