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Bills Preseason Game #2- Tyrod Taylor the Starter

Tyrod gets the starting QB nod vs the Browns and shows enough to warrant the starting position for the home opener against the Colts.

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

No one asked for it, but here it is the live game diary of Tyrod Taylor's first game as an NFL starting Quarterback! Yup, I know it's only the preseason, but he and Logan Thomas are the only Hokie QBs in the league so you're at least somewhat intrigued.

Jon Gruden starts off the telecast by telling the audience that Taylor will be leading an offense without the Bill's top 3 wide receivers and top 5 running backs (which includes LeSean McCoy and Fred Jackson), but let's do this!

Drops back on 2nd and 7 and throws a swing pass out to a running back we will never here from again for zippy yards. Next play, 3rd and 7, throws a great outside hitch for a first down, nice way to start the opening drive.

Play-action boot on first and 10, Tyrod throws for another first down to another John Doe, alright!

Looking at another 3rd and long (8), in the shotgun and another pass complete this time to Charles Clay. We know him! Nice touch on that pass, recognizing he didn't need to zing the pass in there. Very next play Tyrod rolls out and scrambles out of bounds for a safe gain of 3 yards.

Another 3rd down this time only 4 yards out, but Tyrod converts the short hitch for another first down! No, not exciting at all to watch this game, but promising to see Tyrod lead the Bills down the field with the cast from the Replacements.

2nd and 8, scrambles for 10 yards and another first down. Didn't look out of a control, didn't take a brutal hit, , man if only RG.....

Back to back hand-offs to whoever and we're at another 3rd down. It's like Greg Roman is doing this on purpose just to put Tyrod in these situations. AND right on cue welcome to the NFL, called by Jon Gruden, "a terrible sack.". The sack puts the Bills in tough field goal position but ultimately Taylor took his eyes off his receivers just for a moment, slightly panicked and took the sack. Kicker ends up missing the field goal and we are stuck watching Josh McCown. Which begs the question, would you rather be a Browns fan or a defender of Jared Fogle?

Bills football: Tyrod is back in the shotgun, rolls out and smartly throws it away due to the pressure. Wife is starting to stare at me wondering why we're watching a preseason game let alone the Bills vs the Browns, but we have to suffer through this together.

3rd and 6, big pass complete to who? Doesn't matter, stays in the pocket and delivers a great throw over the shoulder of the corner back for a first down.

Hand-off to (insert name of RB) and looks like the Bills are going to be 6 RB's down after his ankle turned awkwardly.

2nd and 19, quick throw to Chris Hogan and oh come on! Hogan is down with an injury (walk it off Marty!). I mean at this point how can we even continue to judge Tyrod's play?

3rd and very long, throws it deep and incomplete. At this point please don't put Tyrod back in the game, what positive experience could he possibly gain from  throwing to 5th team skilled position players against quasi first and second team Browns defenders? Did I mention it's only August?

Finally, we're back after McCown's second interception of the night. Tyrod gets the drive started with a nice scramble, evading the rush and gaining a nice 8 yards. Please let this be the last possession with Tyrod in the game.

1st and 10, read option out of the shotgun and Taylor keeps it for a big gain into the redzone of the Browns. Back to back rushes for a total of zero yards because when you can hand it off to your 7th string RB you must do it.

3rd and 9, a pretty great fade thrown by Taylor AND!!!! He drops it, nice play by the defender but I'd like to believe Sammy Watkins would have made that grab so in my book it's  a touchdown.

Fast forward to the end of the game because really who would ever watch an entire preseason game and the Bills pull out the win in a barn-burner, 11-10. Tyrod finishes the game completing 7 of 10 passes for 65 yards and rushed for 41 yards on four carries. The Bills next preseason game is against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the third preseason game is known as the final dress rehearsal for starters. At this point, I don't see how Matt Cassel nor EJ Manuel can beat out Tyrod unless he looks completely lost against the Steelers or gets injured. At this point I think it's safe to say Tyrod is your leading candidate to be the starting Quarterback week 1 versus the Colts and it's not just my opinion.