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The Gobbler Country Staff Makes Their Predictions

Welcome to Gobbler Country! We are the GOLD standard for Virginia Tech Athletics, and here are the staff picks for the 2015 football season.

Geoff Burke/Getty Images

This time of year, there are a few things that get me excited.  First and foremost, football is almost here.  It puts an end to the speculation and guessing that makes summer so frustrating.  Second, I like when folks give me forecasts or predictions on the season that is getting ready to start.  I asked the staff here at Gobbler Country to give me a win total for the upcoming season.  It was interesting to see the varied records, and the reasoning behind them.  Our staff is passionate about Virginia Tech athletics, and follow it with microscopes.  Throughout the season, we will be giving our picks game to game, and week to week.  The smart money is on John "mightyfahvaag" Schneider, as this guy is a complete nuts and bolts wizard.  He could break down my son's Pop Warner team if I gave him the film.  Without further ado, here is our team, and here are the picks:

Roy Hatfield @roybhatfield

I think the outlook is bright.  If we can stay healthy, I have us at 10-3.  We lose to Ohio State, Miami, and the bowl game. We will go to the A.C.C. championship and be defeated by Clemson.

Carl J. (C.J.) Rooks @rooksreport

I will go with a 10-2 record. And the Hokies will beat the Buckeyes!!!

John Schneider (mightyfahvaag) @VTNeanderthal

If Loeffler gets some semblance of a playbook and method...we have the talent for 10-3.  If I am feeling optimistic but not overly homerish....8-5.  But I am feeling moody and that makes it 7-6. BOOMS!

Matt Costello (mkcost05)

After lots of thought and angst, my preseason prediction for overall record at the end of 2015 is 9-4. 8-4 for the regular season with a win in the bowl game.

Jay Johnson @jjohnsonVATech

We go 9-2 in the regular season.  I think we have an awesome season and start out strong beating OSU w, who ends up being overrated, which ends up taking away from our opening victory against the #1 team in America.  Georgia Tech and North Carolina beat us in brutal back to back losses.  Regardless, we return to the ACC championship and are defeated by either Clemson or FSU, BUT we win our bowl game. We go 10-3.

Joshua Schneider @VTStatBoy

My current prediction for the Hokies is 7(8 with the bowl)-5 on average. The high side is 9(10) with the bowl and on the low side 6-6 (7-6 with the bowl). This is a super-high variance team with no real tendency toward consistency, so my confidence level on any pick is low.

David Kistler @dkistler1

9 wins.

There you have it Hokies.  Anywhere from 6-10 wins.  Make sure to stay locked on for great articles, insight and interviews.  We hope to entertain you throughout a very special season.  Good luck, and

LET"S GO.....