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The Bud Foster Controversy #Finegate

Bud Foster Unknowingly Opened Pandora's Box

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview yesterday, Bud Foster made some interesting comments.  In part they included these comments:

Needless to say, it sparked an interesting debate. C.O.A. for those unfamiliar, is a stipend paid to players for Cost Of Attendance. When the subject of using the C.O.A. funds as leverage to dictate behavior became public, twitter exploded. The "menu" making the rounds didn't help either.

Whit Babcock immediately began walking the situation back. Not a bad move for an athletic director managing a crisis.

He went above and beyond to clarify the institution's stance on the subject. Was there a communication breakdown? Perhaps. Was there a fundamental lapse of judgement? Perhaps. We can't control that at it this point. I think Babcock has done admirably in damage control.

The real damage is perception. The wolves are already at bay. The shot we took in recruiting may be irreplaceable. With the national media piling on, this needs to be righted quickly..

Virginia Tech is not only the only school that has considered this. Tommy Tuberville and the Cincinnati Bearcats have this already rolling.

It doesn't take much for the twittersphere to start taking shots: