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Scott Loeffler Will Be Fired If Offense Does Not Improve

Offensive Coordinator Under Heavy Scrutiny This Season

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech football is entering the 2015 season with high hopes, and is looking to bounce back from last years disappointing 7-6 record.

A major factor in the success of the Hokies will depend on how the offense performs. After spring practice the question still remains if offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler will finally get things turned around or will the same inconsistencies continue to show up?

Loeffler is now coming into year three, and it's no secret it is his most important. He will finally have quarterback Michael Brewer for an entire off-season and the line is supposed to be the strongest it has been in years. Frank Beamer spoke with Norm Wood of the Daily Press yesterday about the men up-front and gave some encouraging words. "I think, talent-wise, we're good. Now, it's a matter of how quickly can we be real good."

Beamers words have to come as a shock to some after a disappointing spring game. The offensive units only mustered a total of 198 yards and the running game was basically non-existent. The final rushing stats came to an abysmal 49 yards on 20 carries. It's no secret that for quarterback Michael Brewer to succeed the Hokies need to be able to run the ball. To many times last year Brewer faced a third and long and ended up being sacked or hit immediately after his release.

When Frank Beamer hired Loeffler after the 2013 season it was not considered to be a home run hit with the experts. Before joining Beamer's staff he was with Gene Chizik at Auburn in 2013 when they had one of their worst seasons in school history finishing 3-9 and without a win in the SEC. Before that Loeffler was at Temple and was highly successful in terms of running the ball, but was unable to establish anything in the air.

Virginia Tech has been picked by many to be the surprise team in the ACC. The Hokies avoid playing Florida State, Clemson, and Louisville. Their toughest opponent is arguably Georgia Tech on November 12th.

Beamer has been in this same situation before. His team receives high praise in the off-season, but is unable to live up to the hype when it matters. If Loeffler has been holding anything back the past two years, it is time to put all his cards on the table and prove to Hokie fans he has what it takes. If not, he might want to start polishing his resume because he will be fired if no improvement is shown.