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Opening Day Of Practice:Twitter Style

Virginia Tech Opens Up Fall Camp

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

On August 7, 2015 Virginia Tech began the journey.  The goal is yet to be determined, but anticipation and expectations are high.  Gobbler Country looked toward the twittersphere to bring you the best moments of Day 1 at camp.

Every Broadway show needs a star. For VT football players, there is no bigger star than Michael Vick, who made an appearance to welcome the new players and hype up the vets. Seeing Beamer and Vick together brought us back to a better place.

I can almost smell the grass with this one. if you aren't excited yet, you should be. The Hokies took the field for the first time.

I want to be there! The one that got me completely fired up was this:

Hopefully those shoes will be used to accomplish the goals for the Hokies this season.

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