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Lunchbox Battle Rages In Blacksburg

We have officially reached ludicrous speed

Doug Benc/Getty Images

The game is more than thirty days away, and now methods of sandwich transport have entered the fray.  Virginia Tech's #LPD or "Lunch Pail Defense"  container has apparently been throwing shade at the Buckeyes 80's style lunchbox.  That is pretty common.  I had a Knight Rider lunchbox that got in an all out gang war against my best friend's A-Team lunchbox.  Many thermoses were lost, and at the end of the day my mom's pb&j paid the ultimate price.  I can't open a can of Jif to this day without getting misty eyed over my homies.  In a game that needs no more hype, Tech football has started an actual battle on who has the coolest lunchbox.  I seriously have not made this up.

Not only is the official Tech football folks instigating this battle, they've drug the poor innocent folks at College Gameday into the mix.  At first glance I thought it was an interesting side note.  Here we are day 2 in camp and I guess the most interesting story out of Blacksburg is how we can win at a lunchbox battle.  Again, I'm not making any of this up. The scary part is that now it has gotten wheels.  I can't wait for the day when I get the crowning achievement in my journalism career notification: "Tech_Lunchpail has followed you".

Maybe I'm just being a bitter old man, but jeez. I guess we should just enjoy all the interplay and it will help us pass the time until the kickoff. If anybody needs me I will be at the flea market looking for that ultimate collector's item: The Furman lunchbox (complete with thermos).

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