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Gobbler Country Staff Picks Week Two Edition

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The Paladins of Furman visit Lane Stadium

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

After the Buckeyes game, this one should be easier to pick.  The Gobbler Country staff give their picks, with a brief reason behind them

Joshua Schneider(1-0)

Virginia Tech somehow pulls away from this game with a win, 22-10. I've got a feeling that all of the three potential quarterbacks will be rotated in and out, and the first one to show any consistent passing fluency really needs to be given the job. Furman is inexperienced across the board- twelve of their starters are multiple-season players, and only five of those are close to two season starters. I have a feeling that Joey Slye might want to get his leg warmed up, because I don't have any confidence in consistent offense. Look for the defense to try and jump on the Paladins to redeem themselves from last week's stinker.

John Schneider(1-0)

I don't see any serious offensive capability for us.  This looks like it might very well be a Joey Slye sort of outing.  I look for the defense to seek some redemption.  The offense might be good for a touch down but look for that on a short field; on a turnover or good punt return.  Slye kicks 4, offense scores 1 and maybe the defense gets something like a pick-six or fumble recovery for a TD.  26 - 13 Hokies

Keep in mind John picked the Buckeyes to win 42-13. Pretty darn close.

Matt Costello(1-0)

It's going to be an ugly game with a slow start from the Motley led Hokie offense, but eventually the running game will start to wear down the Furman defense led by a much improved offensive line whom I thought held their own against the Buckeyes for the most part. The defense allows only 1 touchdown on the day and the secondary bounces back after a tough start to the season with 2 interceptions. Final score: 24-7 Virginia Tech

Chelsea Lindner(1-0)

I think this will be more of a defensive game. With Brewer out, I don’t foresee much coming from Motley. Furman’s QB set a school record of 365 yards last week, but with 2 INT. I think if the defense can bring the pressure and the offense can take advantage, Hokies will redeem themselves from the devastating loss on Monday and win 24-13.

David Kistler(1-0)

Hokies win 34-10. Virginia Tech will dominate on the ground and rush their way to victory. The QB situation might not be determined by the end of the game, but I doubt any QB in the game will open it up and throw down field. Also, look for VT's defense to play fast and overpower the Furman offensive line. 

Roy Hatfield(1-0)

Hokies win 34-10, with Dwayne Lawson playing around 20 plays. J.C. Coleman and Shai Mckenzie each run for 100 yards.

Joe Roy-Stewart(0-1)

This is an interesting game.  Not because Furman is a great team, but because they are solid as a passing offense.  I'm not sure how healthy Kendall Fuller is right now and that scares me against a passing offense like Furman.  The Hokies win, but it is much closer with Brandon Motley at quarterback than normal.  35-24 Virginia Tech.

CJ Rooks(0-1)

Virginia Tech will come into the game lackadaisical. Furman has a very uptempo offense and will test this defense. Scot Loeffler needs to call an efficient game and help out is inexperienced quarterbacks. With all that being said, The Hokies are the much better team and will beat Furman 27-14. The game will be close in the beginning, but Virginia Tech will eventually pull away.

Jay Johnson(0-1)

Virginia Tech bounces back but struggles offensively. I think this will be a time for tech to start working out kinks concerning their QB situation, and it wouldn't surprise me if you saw more than one QB out there again.  Tech wins 27-10.

There you have the picks. Go Hokies!