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The Virginia Tech Hokies vs the Furman Paladins: Official GC Game Thread

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The Hokies need a good game, and to sort out some serious issues behind Center. How are things going to pan out in a potentially rainy and sloppy against a very good Paladin FCS Program. Let's see how things pan out. Is it Motley? Does Lawson get some serious game time? Are other rumored personnel moves going to be put on hold?

It's Brenden today.  How's he going to do?
It's Brenden today. How's he going to do?
Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

This game will help the Hokies solve a few problems, and given the damage done to the offense by the Buckeyes on Labor Day. The challenge of defeating the Furman Paladins is going to be greater.

It's a rainy, cool day in Blacksburg. The 3:30 kickoff is later than the usual start for an FCS opponent. After what happened earlier in the week, can the Hokies bounce back and get their house back in order? Will ghosts of rainy days after short weeks revisit Lane Stadium?

Only FOOTBALL will tell.