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Virginia Tech vs. the Big Ten Conference

The Hokies square off against their second Big Ten opponent on the year in the Purdue Boilermakers, but before we break down the match-up let's take a look at the Hokies past experiences with the Big Ten.

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Week 3 is already upon us. Seems like it was just yesterday that VT fans were throwing back preseason Koolaid/hype and talking themselves into another upset win over the Buckeyes and maybe a delusional run at the College Football Playoff. Man, doesn't reality bite? One broken collarbone later and fans are wondering if Brenden Motley can lead this team to victory in his first road test of his collegiate career against the lowly Purdue Boilermakers. Yes, the game is on the road and with the Hokies you never know what team to expect but the Boilermakers have had 1 winning season since 2008 and their combined record from the past two seasons is 4-20, so do I think the Hokies should win this game of course I do, but you just don't know these days.

Historically in the Beamer era the Hokies have faced Big Ten opponents only 4 times. The match-ups with Nebraska during the Ndamukong Suh days was when the Cornhuskers were still members of the Big 12, so not a ton of history to analyze but let's painfully walk down memory lane together again.

1993: Virginia Tech over the Indiana Hoosiers 45-20 in the Independence Bowl which happened to be Frank Beamer's first bowl victory of his career. I'd like to say I remember it like it was yesterday but in fact I don't have any recollection of this game because I was 7 and was probably busy playing a mean game of street hockey with the fellas.

2012: Virginia Tech loses in heartbreaking fashion to the Michigan Wolverines 23-20. By far the most heartbreaking loss of my VT fandom career purely based on the talent the Hokies had that year and the fact that we should have rolled over the Wolverines. We all remember the painful Danny Coale TD catch/non-catch and have talked ourselves into a conspiracy or the simple fact that the referees blew it, but do you remember the worst fake punt call of all time? Please, click that link and let's break it down. VT is punting from the 50 yard line, tied up at 17. The defense at this point had held Michigan to 156 yards of TOTAL offense so one would think you simply pin the Wolverines back in their own territory, rely on the D to get the ball back and kick the game winning field goal right? Not on Beamer's watch! VT's punter at the time was our man Danny Coale and he takes the snap and immediately heads to the short side of the field to chase an impossible first down. Take a look at where he's standing at the snap, that's our own 38 yard line and Beamer & Co. believed he could make it to roughly the 48 yard line in Wolverines territory for the first down, but again he's running to the short side of the field! Truly one of the worst coaching decisions I have ever witnessed in Frank's tenure and Michigan would go on to convert a field goal making it 20-17 which would ultimately result in overtime and well you know the rest.

2014 & 2015: Virginia Tech vs Ohio State Buckeyes (1-1). Last year the Hokies shocked the nation and were able to sneak up on a Buckeyes team that was just breaking in a new QB (J.T. Barrett) and a hell of a defensive game plan by Bud Foster nicknamed I DARE you to throw the football. The very next year the Hokies had a halftime lead over the defending national champs and...what had happened was.... well things spun out of control.

The Hokies will get plenty more Big Ten match-ups in the near future as the schedule shows. In 2020  alone the Hokies will square-off against Penn State and Michigan followed by another Purdue showdown in 2023, a home & away against Wisconsin in 2024-25, and one last game versus Penn State in 2025.