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Virginia Tech VS. Purdue:Gobbler Country Staff Picks

The G.C. gives you the skinny on the Boilermakers

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It is week 3 Hokie fans!  The Hokies invade Indiana, and face the Boilermakers from Purdue.  The is here to give you the staff picks for this matchup.

Joshua Schneider(2-0)

In reviewing Purdue, I see a team struggling to maintain consistency, or much of anything. Five starting quarterbacks in five years. Not a great combination to go up against a defense that's probably still hyped from last week and mad about Ohio State. I expect that Motley struggles more in this game because of a slightly higher level of competition, and when Loeffler starts complicating the playbook by throwing in more advanced passes, we'll see if he can complete them. I don't expect this one to be super close, even if I think the only way Purdue wins is if we turn the ball over and have surprisingly bad defense. 31-20 VT, beating the spread.

Chelsea Lindner(2-0)

I think that this should be a fairly easy game for the Hokies. As long as Motley gives the same type of performance he did last week and the defense brings the pressure. Purdue's QB, Austin Appleby had 4 INT against Marshall for their season opener. I think if VT defense brings the pressure, he has the same kind of performance with a few turnovers. Their offense did look pretty decent, but I'm taking the Hokies 31-17.

John Schneider(2-0)

This game is a truer test of the patchwork Hokie offense, and defense.  We are missing two key players, Motuapuaka might not have been a dominant presence at Mike; but he was getting better, and had the most experience on the team playing the position.  Foster is going to be forced to play either someone coming back from a season off and an ACL repair, or a Freshman.  Our defense already had a hole in the middle, there will be a challenge there.  Of course we've talked the Motley thing into the turf.  He's the only thing we have, and Lawson proved that while he's got raw talent, it is EXTREMELY raw.  Durkin played like the Wild Turkey pages of the playbook was all that he knew.  So Motley is the man.  Step it up, everyone! is the theme of this game.   Virginia Tech  wins 26 to 13.

Matt Costello(2-0)

Saturday against Purdue is a game the Hokies should win handily as the Boilermakers are 4-20 in the past two seasons and this season won't be much different. I think the deciding factor is Bud Foster's opportunistic defense against Purdue's quarterback, Austin Appleby, who is prone to give up interceptions as he showed in week 1 against Marshall where he totaled 4 INT's, two of which were returned for touchdowns. Motley will face his first competent opponent on the year and will have a so-so performance, but ultimately the running game will rush for over 200 yards on the day with two turnovers forced by the defense. Hokies win 23-10. 

David Kistler(2-0)

The big question marks this week: who will step up at the mike linebacker position? How will Motley play against better competition?
The Hokies will struggle if they fail to execute and if the coaches force the players to do too much. Virginia Tech is more talented than Purdue, but the players have to limit the thinking and talking and play. I think Motley will be successful early by hitting his TEs and WRs on safe routes and with the help of his running backs...get McMillan the ball. On defense, I think the Hokies will need to get pressure, limit big plays and help the offense out. If the Hokies defense can focus a turnover or two this one might be over early. Hokies Win 31-14.

Roy Hatfield(2-0)

Hokies win a slobberknocker 20-17.  TOUGH ballgame.

Joe Roy-Stewart(1-1)

This is going to be a very telling game.  After going against the best in OSU and a mid-level FCS in Furman, this Purdue team should be a good measuring stick.  A good performance by Motley would go a long way to silencing the critics about him just being a running quarterback.  On the other hand, a bad performance might speed up the need for Brewer to come back sooner rather than later.  If Motley can get out with only one turnover, the defense should be able to do what is necessary against Appleby and company company. Scary game, but the Hokies win 17-13.

CJ Rooks(1-1)

Virginia Tech will win this game if Scot Loeffler calls the type of game he did last week. Loeffler got Motley settled down with some easy throws and will need to do that again.

The Hokies defense was able to get pressure last week and will do so again this Saturday.

Look for the game to be close in the beginning, but Virginia Tech will pull away late 31-14.

Jay Johnson(1-1)

Since the start of the season Purdue's defense has generated six turnovers, and the team has incrementally improved.  The Boilermaker QB, Appleby is prone to mistakes when pressured, but Purdue does have a solid running game they can rely on.  I do not think Purdue's offense will be able to overcome VT's defensive line or secondary, and VT will win the turnover battle.  Purdue's defense is opportunistic, and if the Hokies are not careful they could also generate turnovers.  Although not a powerhouse, Purdue is FBS and it is an away game. They are a decidedly more dangerous team than Furman, and will present a chance for Motley and the Hokie offense to face an increased challenge while it not being too steep a learning curve.  It is a great opportunity for the Hokies to iron out a few kinks and gain more experience before starting the conference schedule.  Purdue could be dangerous, but I do not think they have an answer for the Hokie defense.  It will not be a blowout, but as long as the Hokies protect the ball they should win handily, 31-17

So there you have it Hokie fans! Let us know what you think: