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Virginia Tech vs Purdue Halftime Stats

Snapshot: Virginia Tech vs Purdue First Half Statistics

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Score: 24-17

First Quarter:

Purdue opened the game with a short drive that fizzled out after fourteen yards. Virginia Tech’s first possession resulted in a FG set up by a nice connection between Motley and Malleck. On the next Purdue possession the Hokie defense put up six points after Fuller sacked Appleby resulting in a fumble that Clark collected and ran in for the score. Purdue took advantage of sloppy defensive play and numerous Hokie penalties, which put Appleby in a position to earn a rushing TD, and put the Boilermakers on the board. Towards the end of the first quarter the Hokies had an extremely risky punt return that resulted in Motley and the offense starting the drive at the VT two yard line. After getting a little breathing room, while under pressure, Motley was able to get a 61 yard pass to Ford getting the Hokies into the red zone at the close of the quarter.

Second Quarter:

The Hokies started the second quarter near the Purdue goal line thanks to the huge play from Motley and Ford.  Tragedy struck when Motley was blindsided by a sack that resulted in a fumble.  Purdue immediately returned the favor the Hokies provided earlier, and returned the fumble for a TD, putting the Boilermakers up 14-10.  The Hokies were able to answer with a solid drive that showcased some life in the VPI running game.  The Hokie offense was finally able to score a TD with a short Motley pass to Hodges.  Purdue’s offense took over at the eight minute mark of the second quarter.  Virginia Tech’s defense held and Purdue was forced into a three and out.  Virginia Tech’s offense also fizzled out with their next effort, and the Hokies had to punt.  Purdue put together a nice drive with a long pass play over the middle that was followed with a long run by Burgess to get the Boilermakers deep into Hokie territory.  The Hokies held their ground and with the help of some offensive penalties were able to drive the Purdue offense back, but Purdue was able to hit a 35 yard FG to tie the game 17-17.  Virginia Tech took over with just over two minutes left in the half.  Edmunds had two long runs, including a 35 yard effort, to get the Hokies into Purdue territory.  After a pass to Ford, which put the Hokie WR over 100 yards on the game, Motley was able to scramble for a 5-Yd TD run.  Purdue took over with just over a minute left on the clock, but was unable to overcome the onslaught of VT defense forcing the Boilermakers to punt.  With 42 seconds left on the clock the Hokie’s offense took the field again.  They fought into Purdue territory, but missed a field goal to close out the half.

Purdue Virginia Tech
Total Yards 127 330
Passing 72 200
Completion - Attempts 3-13 12-19
Yards per pass 4.8 10.0
Rushing 55 130
Attempts 20 22
Yards per rush 2.8 5.9
Turnovers 1 1
First Downs 5 12
Third Down 2-8 4-7
Fourth Down 0-0 0-0
Time of Possession 12:53 17:07