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Virginia Tech Hokies and Ohio State Buckeyes Betting

The Cannon Won't Thunder, So Please Take the Under!

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Ohio State at Virginia Tech matchup is a huge game.  Anytime the number one team comes to town, it's a big deal.  looking recently at the betting lines, certain things stand out.  The spread generally started out around 14 points. As of writing this, it is at 12. Does that mean that Vegas is falling in love with the Hokies?   Literally as I'm writing this, it has dropped to 11.  The casinos and bookmakers try to get equal money placed on both teams, hence the drop in the spread.  I wouldn't be surprised to see it fall further as we approach kickoff. does a great job of charting the spreads and the overall action. The twittersphere has chimed in with all types of comments. I think it is super important to look at the spread from last year, and learn from that.

Hmm. That twelve number looks mighty familiar. We all know how that game worked out for everyone.  One number that has stayed pretty consistent since the opening line has been the over/under.  Again, AS OF WRITING THIS, the over/under is 54.  That hasn't moved anywhere as much as the point spread.  That tells us they are getting pretty even money on the o/u.

"I always like the under in these early games.  The defense is always further along to start the season than the offense."

When it comes to the actual line, I reluctantly take the Buckeyes to cover late. Doesn't mean it's going to be a blowout. In fact, I think it will be a 1 touchdown game in the fourth quarter. I think the Buckeyes seal the deal, 31-17 with a late T.D.. Keep in mind that all of the Gobbler Country staff will be publishing their picks later in the week, and I have a feeling I am in the minority here.

Last year the Hokies were 6-7 ATS (against the spread), and more importantly 4-1 when kicking off as an underdog.  As we all know, Virginia Tech is a double digit underdog against the Buckeyes.  Check out the Sporting News' teams versus the spread page here. I hope I'm wrong Hokies, but I feel pretty good about my pick, 2 *'s.