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Friday Night Lights III: Sept. 18th VT Recruit Update

This week we've got some recruit-on-recruit action as Reggie Floyd and Eric Kumah face each other in NoVA!

This week we've got a couple defensive players making plays much like Kendall Fuller
This week we've got a couple defensive players making plays much like Kendall Fuller
Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a look back on Virginia Tech's recruits and their performances this week of Friday, September 18th. No players are off this week, which means that we've got everyone in action for the first time. In fact, two teams played each other this week: Reggie Floyd's Stonewall Jackson played Eric Kumah's Forest Park. Now, on with the scores and stats...

Victor Greene (Spotsylvania, VA. 215lbs, 6'-0", Outside Linebacker)

Courtland is now 3-1 on the season with a 43-0 blanking of Fauquier High School. There were several special teams turnovers that gave Courtland so many chances at the end-zone. Greene was a big winner, running for 103 yards on 11 carries with a touchdown on the night. It still confuses me why we think we're going to make him a linebacker- which he does play- instead of a tough running back. He's not a pretty runner, but he's effective enough.

Reggie Floyd (Manassas, VA. 205lbs, 6'-0", Athlete) and Eric Kumah (Woodbridge, VA. 205lbs, 6'-3", Wide Receiver)



No tape, sorry.

Kumah came out on top in this matchup of two Hokies recruits. Forest Park rose to 3-1 while Stonewall dropped to 0-4 as the Bruins beat the Raiders 50-20. Kumah was a major player as usual for Forest Park, catching six balls for a touchdown and 208 yards- and for the heck of it, a blocked kick. Reggie Floyd was not without merit himself, as he ran for two touchdowns and caught one- and in bonus coverage, Devane Smith, the Hokies' only 2017 recruit, was 11 of 28 for an interception and a touchdown to go with 84 yards and six rushes for 84 yards. Kumah is still a one-on-one matchup nightmare just from his size and underrated speed.

Joshua Jackson (Saline, MI. 200lbs, 6'-2", Dual-threat Quarterback)

Um. Joshua Jackson's Saline team is really good. 4-0 on the year, Saline bludgeoned their rival Bedford, 43-0, scoring 43 points in 11 minutes- which is just all new levels of high-school crazy. Jackson was 10-15 with 163 yards and two TDs- no picks. He added 5 carries a touchdown and 49 yards to go with that, showing again his dual-threat nature. Next week they look to continue their dominance against an 0-4 Huron team.

Divine Deablo (Winston-Salem, NC. 180lbs, 6'-3", Wide Receiver)

No new tape for Deablo yet again, but news reveals that Mount Tabor defeated North Forsyth 47-13. Deablo's team is now 3-2 entering conference play. Deablo, however, did not much factor into the decision.

Phillip Patterson (Virginia Beach, VA. 180lbs, 6'-2". Wide Receiver)

Patterson and Bayside played against the Tallwood Lions last night, resulting in a 26-12 win for Bayside. Patterson caught a 41 yard pass for a touchdown in the victory. Again, no new video, though.

Samuel Denmark (Charleston, SC. 175lbs, 6'-0", Wide Receiver)

Eye candy? Eye candy. See Samuel. See Samuel run. See Samuel HURDLE a guy. Unfortunately, he'd probably tell you it wasn't for all that much. Denmark's Hanahan team lost to Cane Bay, giving them their first loss on the season. This leaves them still at a very competitive 3-1. Denmark was still effective, though, as he caught 9 balls for 72 yards.

Jimmie Taylor (Jacksonville, NC. 220lbs, 6'-3". Defensive End)

Southwest Onslow lost to White Oak, 33-13. Again, nothing more in depth or video to show you.

Troy Pride, Jr. (Greer, SC. 165lbs, 6'-0", Cornerback)

Greer remains unbeaten, as they flattened Emerald 39-20. Pride forced a fumble, blocked an extra point, and recovered a fumble as well. That leaves Greer at 4-0 for the season. He's showing his speed with that strip-tackle that saved a touchdown and the extra point block- with perfect form on the dive, too. His break-down skills are alright, but still have room to grow.

Thomas Jarrett Hopple (Suffolk, VA. 270lbs., 6'-6", Offensive Line)

Hopple's Nansemond River team knocked around Deep Creek, winning their first home game of the year 38-3. Sorry, no new video highlights to dissect for you guys. Drat. As a former offensive lineman, I actually like to break down OL play, too.

Emmanuel Belmar (Suwanee, GA. 220lbs, 6'-2", Outside Linebacker)

Welp, more blowouts, but this time from a new team. Belmar's Collins Hill beat North Gwinnett High 52-23, finally getting on the board with a win at 1-3. From the highlights, Belmar recorded 2.5-3.5 sacks (Two of the plays look similar to each other from different angles), a fumble recovery, and several tackles that required heavy pursuit of the play.

Tavante Beckett (Chesapeake, VA. 215lbs, 6'-0", Outside Linebacker)

Beckett's Indian River team demolished King's Fork, 50-21 to now move to 3-0 on the season. Beckett recorded several tackles, a two point conversion catch, and two touchdown receptions. That's a good evening if I do say so myself. Beckett's versatile, I'll give him that. He's also built like a bowling ball and hits like a truck. Which is nice.

Patrick Kearns (Rome, GA. 270lbs, 6'-5.5", Offensive Line)

Darlington School beat up Bowdon, winning a low-scoring slugfest of 18-7. They're now 4-0 on the season. Kearns is unfortunately still injured, so no new tape on him.

Clay Dean (Purcellville, VA. 255lbs, 6'-2", Defensive Tackle)

Dean and the Woodgrove Wolverines pushed Dominion's face in, winning a laugher of 40-0. Woodgrove is now 3-1 on the season. No new highlights, unfortunately.

Myles Wolfolk (Upper Marlboro, MD. 185lbs, 5'-11", Cornerback)

Wolfolk's Dr. Henry Wise Pumas took the field on Saturday, facing Potomac in a 2PM game. It was another complete flattening, 43-0. Wolfolk grabbed a touchdown in the blowout, along with a good punt return. No new video, likely because it's yet to be cut. Wise is now 3-0 for the season and is averaging more than 40 points a game.

Tune in next week for more high school updates!