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Virginia Tech And Blacksburg:Best Foot Forward

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The Atmosphere and activities in Blacksburg are going to be electric this Labor Day weekend!

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Unless you’ve been under a rock or hibernating since January – and if you have, how lucky are you? – You know that the Hokies are playing OSU on Labor Day for one of the biggest home games in the history of Lane Stadium.

With such a big game comes not only excitement, but an opportunity for Virginia Tech and Blacksburg as a whole to put the best foot forward to the country. Both have been working together quite well to show off like a girl on prom night and they have come up with quite a schedule to highlight what will already be an exciting weekend.

First, rather than trying to start too early, the festivities for Labor Day weekend in Blacksburg don’t begin until Sunday evening. I have to say, this is a smart move. I don’t know how many of us will be ready after a full Saturday of watching college football and enjoying a few cold drinks the night before. (Note to self: Might have to skip breakfast, church, or both on Sunday. Begin working on excuses immediately!)

On Sunday at 8pm the first of the Hokie functions begins with Eric Paslay and Brad Paisley playing a free concert right outside Cassell Coliseum in Lot 1. While I’m not personally a big country music fan, the idea of being able to see such a large act for free the night before a huge game like this is both intriguing and may actually get some people who would otherwise not be coming to Blacksburg on Sunday, to make the trek. Good idea.

Then it’s Gameday! Labor Day starts out with Party on the Promenade, which is a downtown Blacksburg version of a tailgate from 3-6pm. Not only will my co-host Kevin Weiss of ESPN Blacksburg be using his velvet tones on the radio (I want my $100 now by the way Kevin!) but there will be live music by Train Wreck, Cloggers (seriously, cloggers, look it up), and a beer and wine garden (still not sure what this means, but I keep thinking back to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, oh my, a fountain of beer and a pond of wine, cheese growing on trees…)

Then, besides doing a little tailgating of your own, it’s off to the house of Beamer & Foster (aka. Lane Stadium) for what will be one hell of a football game with College Gameday in the house!

I’m proud of what my little town in the mountains of Virginia is doing. It’s going to be a seriously fun atmosphere, at least right up to kickoff.

So come on out. See a concert, have some beer and wine (but not like those crazies from UVA!), and enjoy the game. I know I will.