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The Gobbler Country Staff Picks For Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech

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Here is What The Staff Thinks Will Happen on Monday

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We are but three days away from the Ohio State game, Here is what the guys at G.C. are thinking.  We will be picking ALL the games this season, and we will own up to our mistakes.  We will give brief reasoning to our selections, and perhaps talk a bit 'o' trash along the way!

Joshua Schneider(0-0)

This game is all about the line play: our inexperienced offensive line versus their defensive line, and our defensive line against their now experienced line. Foster is going to have to load up the box and go man again just to stop Ezekiel Elliot; I can’t see his game plan being too different from last year. Until proven otherwise, I still don’t have much confidence in our offense to keep the OSU defense off the field for long periods of time. We did it last year with a statistically unsustainable 3rd down conversion rate- I don’t think we can make 9-17 again, especially when it was much higher earlier in the game. Unfortunately, I think we could cover but that’s about all. VT 17-OSU 27.

There is one vote from the Buckeyes contingent!

Jay Johnson(0-0)

One can easily argue that the two principal victories that VT has ever earned were against #2 Miami in 2003 and #8 Ohio State last year. In both matches the Hokie defense scored and caused multiple turnovers, putting the VT offense in position to score. In order to defeat the Buckeyes this year the Hokies must do the same. If the defense can score or generate two or more turnovers and the Hokie offense does not return the favor, VPI can win. I think VT does just that, and the Hokies shock the college football world, winning 24-20.

So just so you are keeping score it home, it is 1-1.

Joe Roy-Stewart(0-0)

I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do on the offensive side of the ball.  OSU is certainly talented, but like the match ups we have against their players on offense, especially with so many of their guys at WR being out for the game.  I'm most concerned with down and distance on offense.  Watch to see if J.C., Trey, and the rest of the guys in the backfield are getting 3-5 yards per carry on first and second down.  If they are doing that, then Brewer won't have to be a hero like last year and come up with so many 3rd and longs.  Tech makes 55% or higher on 3rd downs because of what they do on first and second, and Hokie fans will be on the field and in the street after a 24-22 win.Joe Roy-Stewart(0-0)

That's 2-1 Hokies...

John Schneider(0-0)

In 2015 Virginia Tech is to Ohio State as Furnan is to Virginia Tech, well maybe Furman is a bit better off.  Unless OSU goes into full meltdown; we develop a speed downfield offense; and Foster's defense can keep Urban from blowing by the 2nd level; we are looking at an OSU 42 Tech 13 drubbing.  This will either be a blow out for them, or a close game tossup.  My heart hopes for the latter, my head says it's going to be the former.  I am hoping my heart wins this one, and we do. 
Bracing for the homers' roar...

So here we are at 2-2...

David Kistler(0-0)

Field position in this game is going to be critical. The Hokies offense will move the ball well after getting across the 50, but must establish some semblance of a run game or this score gets worse. The Hokies defense will play well, but too many dynamic skill players for OSU will make the play down the stretch.

Let's hope I'm wrong or hell even this close.

I'm going to mark him down for #Buckeyes. 2-3

Matt Costello(0-0)

Timely turnovers and turning those turnovers into points will be the key to the game. Although I have a healthy wager on the game (VT covering the spread), I feel VT will suffer a costly Brewer turnover in the redzone whereas the Buckeyes will not have a single turnover all game. Hokies lose a tough one, 27-17. 

So we are 2-4?

CJ Rooks(0-0)

If you know anything about sports, it’s that the team with the most notoriety usually doesn’t perform up to par.

Ohio State lost some key pieces from last year’s national championship squad. There is no way they come out firing on all cylinders. I don’t care who the quarterback is.

Also, the person that will have the biggest impact on this matchup is none other than Scott Loeffler. The offensive coordinator knows Meyer very well from their time at Florida together.  Loeffler will help prepare the Hokie coaching staff on what schemes and strategies the Buckeyes will use.

One thing to also remember is that Urban has to replace offensive coordinator Tom Herman. The former Buckeye assistant is now the head coach at the University of Houston.

Put it all together and that is a recipe for disaster.

Virginia Tech is the team with nothing to lose and Ohio State is worried about returning to the college football playoff. The Hokies will take down the number one team in the nation 27-21.

3-4 Still dragging, but Hokies have a pulse...

Roy Hatfield(0-0)

The Hokies keep it close. 31-17.  The Buckeyes seal the deal with the late TD.  Moral victories, man, I'm used to those!

So there you have it. THE OFFICIAL G.C. picks for the Labor Day tilt. Some forecast with their hearts, others with their brains. Let's hope the Hokies have one more signature victory left! 3-5?!?!? I trust my guys, but I hope they are wrong!

Let's Go....