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The Best Tweets About VT vs. OSU

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Gobbler Country has combed Twitter to bring you the best Tweets about the rematch between the Hokies and the Buckeyes!

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It’s here. Gameday. In case anyone is unaware - the Virginia Tech Hokies will be hosting the No. 1 Ohio State Buckeyes tonight. As game time marches ever closer social media activity, concerning the rematch between the two teams, has increased. We here at Gobbler Country have collected a few Tweets that we found best captures the excitement and apprehension of facing the defending National Champions. Some of the Tweets are funny, some of them are poignant, but hopefully all of them will get the Hokie faithful excited for that most treasured time of the year – football season.

To get things started let’s take a look at some pretty impressive numbers concerning Hokie interceptions.

Not too shabby secondary, but what about the men in the trenches?

Impressive work, but what about the environment the Buckeyes find themselves walking into?

Pretty impressive stats for the Hokies, but Coach Foster spent some time communicating the reality of the situation facing the Hokie players.

Coach Loeffler also had some words for the offense.

Enough with the statistics! Let’s take a look at some new shiny things! Virginia Tech revealed an eye-catching, attractive, metallic orange helmet for the season opener. This is great news considering the Hokies have had some very… interesting helmet designs in the past.

Virginia Tech certainly understands the tragedy and pain inexplicable violence can cause. The Hokies will wear a helmet sticker to honor the memory of WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker and VT alum Adam Ward.

Here is another view of the helmet and sticker that will be displayed Monday night.

In a truly elegant gesture Ohio State will join Virginia Tech in celebrating the memories of the WDBJ7 victims.

What about the whole package?

It’s time to start jumping fellow Hokies! How about some Tweets to get us pumped?

You knew there would be a Lunch Pail Tweet. WIN!

Evel Knievel helping to inspire the Hokies to Start Jumping!

Location. Location. Location.

The votes are in Buckeyes. This is Hokie Nation.

Virginia Tech is preparing to face the greatest foe they have ever matched up against. QB Michael Brewer summed it up best.


Undoubtedly we missed some other great social media expressions! Please share your favorite Tweets, Vines, and Instagrams, about the game, in the comments below!

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