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Virginia Tech Falls To Ohio State

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Braxton Miller and the Buckeyes Rout The Hokies 42-24

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

After all the hype and buildup, an actual football game was played in Lane Stadium on Monday night.  The top ranked Buckeyes entered the game on the heels of a national championship, and the Hokies were waiting.  Hosting a number one team is a big deal.  Blacksburg put its best foot forward with a concert featuring Brad Paisley, and hosting ESPN Gameday.  After all the smoke cleared, the game took shape as no one could have predicted.

The Buckeyes jumped out to a 14-0 lead, and had the entire momentum to start the game out.  The Buckeyes looked unstoppable, but the Hokies had plenty of fight in them.  The Buckeyes ran and passed at will to build a two score lead, and it was up to Brewer and the Hokies to make it a contest.  Brewer did just that connecting with Sam Rogers on a 51 yard connection to shave the lead to 14-7.  Joey Slye hit a clutch 46 yard field goal. Then this, after yet another Brewer completion.  The Hokies were set up 1st and goal from the 1, and some guy called a play...

Malleck converted, and the score at half was 17-14, Hokies. The Buckeyes received the second half kick wasting no time in taking the advantage. Former QB Braxton Miler caught a 54 yard touchdown pass to put the Buckeyes ahead 21-17. Then the unfortunate happened as starting VT QB Michael Brewer took a left collarbone injury. Brewer was done for the night, but the Hokies weren't. Brenden Motley was given the task of taking on the number one team in the land. The hits kept on hitting as the Hokies offered up their first turnover of the night on the ensuing drive. On a play that was reviewed, the fumble by J.C. Coleman was confirmed. That put the Buckeyes in good field position near the 50. The Buckeyes wasted no time, finding Braxton Miller (again) for a 54 yard touchdown run.

The defense had a shot, but Cardale Jones found Johnny Dixon for a clutch 3rd down conversion. The writing was on the wall, and the Hokies were in reading class. Even Kendall Fuller was no match for these Buckeyes. Fuller picked up a P.I. call early in the 4th to mentally seal the deal. Ohio State capitalized as the score grew to 35-17. The Hokies never challenged after halftime. Unfortunately the score ended 42-24.  The bigger question is who the Hokies play at QB moving forward. For more on that, click here!