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Michael Brewer leaves OSU game with Collarbone Injury

Where does this leave us for the game and the season?

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Our worst fears have been realized. If things are as they say they are? We could be in for it.

At the start of the third quarter in the Ohio State game, Virginia Tech suffered a very dangerous injury. Their first string quarterback, Michael Brewer, was injured. He has left the game with a collarbone injury and it's broken. That's most of his season, if not all of it. Hopefully not- it was a non-throwing shoulder, so he could come back. First, please refer to the past article written about a scenario in which such a thing happened.

Second, for now, the game falls to Brenden Motley, a redshirt junior quarterback out of Christiansburg High School. He was an option quarterback in that system, and much like Georgia Tech, their quarterback is not asked to throw a lot. It's an occasional downfield throw to keep the defense honest. That means that his throwing motion, throwing tape, and throwing ability are all under insane scrutiny in a big game such as this. Ohio State might be a foregone conclusion at this point, but where exactly could we go further in the season? With or without Motley as Quarterback?

  1. Hope Motley develops as a quarterback and play him through. This means he's going to have to show consistent passing chops otherwise we're going to see nine man boxes, even ten or eleven. It's going to be unbearable for the running game because he currently poses no respectable threat to throw. His first deep ball into the Ohio State secondary was into obvious double coverage and was easily picked off. This idea is...not great.
  2. Play Chris Durkin. Durkin is an actual, physically recruited quarterback from a system where he threw the ball. At this point, the enemy we don't know (Can Durkin Play?) might be better than the enemy we do know (Motley is an incapable thrower of the football). Durkin's a big guy that can take the hits, hopefully, and was one of Lefty's first recruits. Hopefully he's capable of something great. But I'm not sure the coaches would be so eager to jump someone that pushed his does.
  3. Play Dwayne Lawson. Lawson is the highly recruited big unknown. He was a four star recruit by every recruiting service and his offensive coordinator Max Warner was hired along with him as an offensive quality control coach. Anyone who doesn't think that the plan is to turn the game over to this guy is kidding themselves. Lawson SUPPOSED TO BE the future. Well, do we make the future now? The coaches didn't redshirt him, so is this his chance to get in?

Right now, Ohio State is going to win- we just don't have gas left in the tank because we have no viable offensive options. So the question then becomes, can we even compete in the ACC or with the rest of our schedule? Only time will tell, but at present, it looks like Michael Brewer could be out of the running for most of the year. Hopefully, that doesn't leave the Hokies out of the running for the same amount of time.