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Virginia Tech 2026

The future of Hokie sports

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Sports journalists hate prognostication.  It's one of those situations where you just can't win.  Most of us won't say this, but when thinking about this piece in which I basically become a fortune teller, it is in many ways a no-win situation.  If I'm honest, that is why I decided to go ten years in the future.  Most likely, unless I happen to be exactly right about so many things, you won't remember that I wrote this in ten years, which makes this a win-win situation for me rather than picking the results of a game that is about to happen, which is a total lose-lose situation.  That being said, let's get in our DeLorean and go to the mystical year of 2026, where we all are taking about president Donald Trumps' third term as president and we are driving hovercrafts and riding donkeys to work.

Let's start with the Men's Basketball Team that is riding the wave of seven consecutive appearances by the Hokies to the NCAA tournament.  With one Final Four run and three times into the Sweet Sixteen, Buzz Williams has turned a once fledgling program in the ACC into a powerhouse.  There is little question that this team will make it to the tournament this season, but how far will they go?   With Damion Johnson at them helm, the sky is the limit for this team filled with upper class men, but after the upset loss to Georgetown in the Sweet Sixteen last season, this team is hungry for a championship and looks to be ready to take the next step that the football program has already taken three years ago.   Speaking of the football team...

The Virginia Tech football team is basking in the glow of another title.  The second in the last three years.  Led by the soon to be first-round pick of Austin Allen, the Hokies ran rough shot over USC for title in a game that looked more like an interview for the phenom known as Allen, rather than a team looking for a second title.  Allen threw for 367 yards and 4 touchdowns, as the Hokies played uptempo ball against the Trojans, beating them at their own game.  Coach Fuente, when asked about if he plans to stay at Virginia Tech for the future said, "My family loves it here.  I love it here.  Why would I leave?"  There are rumors that he is being interviewed for the job in Clemson, but sources close to the program believe that he is staying after Virginia Tech offered to bump up the salaries of all of his assistants.

The rest of VT sports is looking solid.  With the money that has come in from the football and basketball programs, there is ample left to fund what are becoming powerhouse soccer and baseball teams, with lacrosse not too far behind.  With the influx of students and alumni from NOVA, VT is now a school to watch as we move into the next few years.

The sky is the limit for this once small town in the mountains of Southwest Virginia.  There really is no telling how far the Hokies can go in the future.