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Virginia Tech is 80-1 to Win National Title in 2016

"Never Tell Me the Odds."--Han Solo (Intergalactic Badass)

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

I've got to give it to They already have odds out for every team in college football to win the national championship.  This site feels that Virginia Tech is 80-1 to win it all next season.  Those aren't that bad, believe it or not.There are two prohibitive favorites in Alabama and Ohio State.  Both of these clubs are listed at 7-1.  If you want, or need, some value in your life then Virginia Tech might be your play.  Virginia Tech is not alone with the 80-1 odds.  The Hokies are being lumped in with the likes of Miami, Auburn, South Carolina, Washington State, and Texas.  That's pretty good company if you ask me.  Teams with less chance of winning it all include: Texas Tech, Missouri, Mississippi State, and Virginia.  For all you closet Hokie/UVa fans out there, the 'Hoos are a 225-1 longshot.

We will most assuredly take that.  You can view all the teams and lines here!