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Worst. Bowl. Season. Ever.

The Bowl Season Sucked. There I Said It

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are in the afterglow of perhaps the worst bowl season I can remember.  Every interesting matchup sucked.  Both the playoff games sucked.  The weird timeline of games sucked.  Here we are on the SECOND of January watching the Alamo Bowl?  BTW, The Ducks are beating the brakes off of a Boykin-less TCU squad 31-17.  The "Granddaddy of Them All"? Sucked.  The Liberty Bowl (ARK 45 KSU 21) sucked.  The Outback Bowl (UT 45 NU 6) REALLY sucked.  The "Battlefrog" (Still don't know) Fiesta Bowl (OSU 44 ND 28) sucked.  The Citrus Bowl (UM 41 UF 7) sucked hard.  The Sugar Bowl (MISS 48 OSU 20) sucked harder.  I haven't even gotten into the playoff games.  They sucked worse of all.  Of all the games that suck, and trust me I just watched 20 of 'em, these two stinkers took suck to the red light district in Amsterdam.  Let's start with the matinee.  Dabo and and the Clemson Tigers faced off against "BIG GAME BOB" (snicker) and destroyed them.  I was at work when the doubt in that game was removed.  That's a problem for the mothership and Playoff Committee that sold those time slots.  Hell, most folks were not tuning in because they weren't in front of a TV.  Housewives give two Maury's and half a Judge Judy about college football.  On the west coast, the Clemson-OU game started at noon.  Let that sink in.  It started at noon.  On New Year's eve.

That's all I will say about the miserable start times. The game itself sucked. It was O.K. though...Michigan State was about to give the middle finger to Alabama. I'm always up for that!   Sparty was about to teach the S.E.C. about the new age of college football. The Big 10 was the new power conference. The S.E.C. was dead. Saban was irrelevant.  Alabama then decided to destroy Michigan State.  It wasn't a squeaker.  It was a beat down that made me feel bad for all the fans that traveled to Dallas.  Alabama coaches at one point were recruiting (Kirby Smart) on the sideline.  The FOURTH team kids got to play.  It didn't help that ESPN2 was doing a 30 for 30 about the legendary USC/Texas game during one of the most lopsided games I can remember.

The bowl season was truly depressing, save one game. Maybe it's the Homer in me, but the Virginia Tech/Tulsa game was damn sure entertaining. It had everything. It was high scoring as hell. It had great storylines. The good guys won at the end of the day. My advice to the powers that be is simple: Major bowls on the 1st, playoffs on the 2nd. It's hard to care about the Sun Bowl when it doesn't matter. Fix.This.Issue.