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Senior Bowl Week Kicks Off In Mobile

Dadi Nicolas is the Hokies' lone representative

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It's Senior Bowl time again in Mobile, Alabama.  N.F.L. scouts descend on the southern city in effort to find the next great playmaker.  The week is jammed packed from Monday through Saturday.  Today the players had their weigh ins, and was quite a scene to say the least.

Dadi Nicolas is on the South squad and will have his first practice today at 2:15. Gobbler Country will be posting pics and interviews throughout the week, so stay tuned. For the players, its equal parts workout and interviews. All of the invitees have significant tape for the scouts to peruse, so the interviews are a big deal. Senior Bowl headquarters are at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Mobile.  The N.F.L. personnel can often be seen having preliminary conversations with the players, but have scheduled formal interviews on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  There are a total of nine players from the A.C.C. on the rosters, and all are hoping to impress the pro scouts.  Tonight is also media night at the GulfQuest Maritime Museum, so follow us on twitter to see some insider pics!