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Virginia Tech Falls To Louisville at the Cassell 91-83

Hokies fought hard, Cardinals Too Much From Outside

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

When the #16th ranked Cardinals came to the Cassell on Wednesday night, the Hokies were ready.  The Hokies avoided the slow start and actually owned most of the first half.  Rick Pitino took a clutch timeout, and the Hokies were never the same.  Louisville went on a tear, and if the Hokies had any output , it was from the charity stripe.  The Hokies were 17/18 from the free throw line, but shot only 36% from the field.  The Hokies offered a paltry 1/6 from the arc.  Louisville who struggled from inside early, closed the half shooting 5/8 or 62% from downtown.  The game in the first half was interesting because the two teams traded places midway through.  In the beginning the Hokies were pushing tempo, and Jalen Hudson was king of the court.  Hudson finished with 15 points in the half, most of them coming via free throws.

The second half was a tough call.  Louisville kept raining threes and the Hokies were as scrappy as ever.  Damion Lee was a one man highlight reel, and Trey Lewis was trying to impress as well.  Halfway through the second period, the Cardinals were shooting an astounding 71% from three.  Let that sink in.  THEY WERE SHOOTING 71% FROM THREE!  The Hokies were battling, but come on man!  it is really to tough to defend against a bomb.  Damion Lee would not be stopped as he was 7/8 from three.  At this point, coach Buzz Williams lost his tie.  With 5:31 left in the game, the Cardinals were up by 8, but the lead seemed bigger.  Virginia Tech was 28/31 for free throws at this point.  Seth Allen brought the Hokies to within 6, but Trey Lewis was shooting daggers with another clutch three, and forced Buzz Williams to get a T.O..  The Hokies never seriously threatened late.  Jalen Hudson was the leading scorer for the Hokies finishing with 27.