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Virginia Tech Recruiting Quick Hit

Some Notables Are In Town as We Speak

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you that follow S.E.C. football, Florida is a team that reeks of speed and skill position talent in the not so far distant past.  The Gators are looking to get back in the speed game and have a hard commit in Rick Wells from Raines High School in Jacksonville, FL..  Guess where this Gator is this week?

The fact that he is in town begs the question: Why would a "locked" Gator visit Black's Burg (damn auto correct)? It's easy. Justin Fuente is offering offensive weapons, like one Mr. Wells, to put up huge offensive numbers and quickly. Florida slow played Wells. SHAME ON FLORIDA. This kid has the goods, and we need him on campus ASAP. Other notables in Blacksburg include Tyree Rodgers. Here's a kid that is also a "hard" commit. Tech has a great shot with this athlete, they forecast him at DB. He has a strong verbal (LOL) with O.D.U. at the moment, but things can most certainly change.

It keeps getting better...Dylan Powell, 6'3-270 is also in town. He has multiple offers and if we can get him on Wednesday, that's a huge get.

One more stud is on campus. His name is Tyrrell Pigrome, and he is an interesting one for sure. He is a dual threat QB/ Athlete combo from Alabama. According to 24/7 he has 15 offers in hand, but would love to see this kid do his thing in Lane.

See you next year men! Go Hokies!

Thanks to Ray Matthews for invaluable help with this!