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Closing Time

It is that time of year. National Signing Day is less than a week away.

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Tweets, e-mails, phone-calls, in-home visits, high school visits, unofficial campus visits and official campus visits are just a few of the many ins and outs of recruiting for college coaches. Justin Fuente has been on the job (officially head coach) less than a month and has Virginia Tech competing on the recruiting trail. This weekend marks the beginning of the end when it comes to the 2016 recruiting class for the Hokies. Virginia Tech will expect to sign as many as 14 or 15 student athletes on national signing day to add to the 8 extremely talented early enrollees that are already a part of the program.

Virginia Tech's football staff has been up and down the eastern seaboard the past week and will continue to do so until Wednesday when high school football players are allowed to sign their national letters of intent, which is a semi-binding agreement that they will attend the university they sign with. These agreements can be broken if both parties consent (most often a player will want out and the schools oblige). I would expect the Hokies to visit all of the currently committed players and all of the players that are highly considering VT before Wednesday. There are a number of limitations when it comes to in-home visits, but Fuente and Co. will try to stay top-of-mind for all of these guys until the minute they sign.

It is also important to remember that national signing day is not the end of the 2016 cycle. There can be many changes up until the players need to report in the summer. Many student-athletes push their recruitments past national signing day, but this year I do not expect many surprises (good or bad) for the Hokies on or after signing day. This weekends big official visitor list will shed light onto where VT stands as they push towards the finish line, but like I mentioned earlier I believe Virginia Tech will sign 14-15 young men on Wednesday.

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Go Hokies