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Senior Bowl Preview, Pics, And Notes

Gorgeous Day In Mobile, Nicolas Getting Geared Up

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

You could not have picked a better day weather wise in Mobile, Alabama.  The players were in fine form for the 2:30 EST kickoff, and the fans were tailgating in epic proportions.  Part of what makes this event so unique is that it is the perfect blend between college football and the N.F.L..  Fans from all over the country descend to Mobile for one last look at college favorites.  They also come to see future stars of the N.F.L..

crowd shot senior bowl
The game kicks off at 2:30 eastern time, and Dadi Nicolas is ready. Take a peek at what we tweeted out earlier:

Let's hope Dadi Nicolas has a great game! You can tune in on the N.F.L. network to catch the action live. It should be an interesting battle, as both teams have tons of talent on both sides of the ball.