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Tyrod Taylor In Running For Vizio Top Value Performer Award

Former Hokie Offers Big Bang For The Buck

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Tyrod Taylor had a huge season for the Buffalo Bills.  He has positioned himself for a post season award that rewards performance and value.  The Top Value Award is handed out annually to the N.F.L. player who performs at a high level, while not breaking the bank.  Taylor was 6th rounder out of Virginia Tech.  After spending his formative years in Baltimore, Taylor was given the chance to start for Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills.  Taylor's base salary was 750,000 this season, which when you compare to the other top QBs in the league is a true bargain.  Taylor is among the league leaders in completion percentage.

Previous winners of the award include Stevie Johnson, Victor Cruz, and Russell Wilson.  Wilson actually won the award back to back in 2012/13.  We need Tyrod to win this!. You can vote for Tyrod Taylor to win the award by clicking here. Here is the chance to let the world know that Taylor was the best all around value in the N.F.L.!