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Lane Stadium Compared To Others

This List Upset Me To Say The Least...

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I have been to approximately 100 games in Lane Stadium.  I have sat in the worst possible seats, I have been in the suites.  I have parked near the duck pond.  I have parked in the coveted "LOT 1".  I was in Frank Beamer's office 15 minutes before the kickoff to a spring game.  I have rented chair backs.  I have had seat backs. I have seen Big East champions.  I have seen A.C.C. champions.  I have seen fireworks, and I have experienced heartache.  I personally think that Lane Stadium is the best all around stadium in the world when it's "on".  There aren't a whole lot of stadiums I haven't been to in the south.  I think we rule them all.  It is with these maroon colored glasses that I found this list.  Full disclosure that I haven't been to Notre Dame or "The Big House".  I'm sure they are very nice.  They aren't Lane.  I haven't been to Happy Valley and some other big time venues, but I like dealing in known quantities.

The guy in the tweet is referencing Kyle Field. Texas A&M has grown. Texas A&M's Kyle Field has always been traditionally loud, but the recent expansion maybe took it over the edge. I was at the infamous "Hurricane Game" at Lane, and the Aggie faithful talked to me in hushed tones about the atmosphere at Lane. I clearly remember one fan saying, "You guys do a really good job. The intro is insane." He was talking about Enter Sandman, of course, and I just smiled. When it is truly cranking in Blacksburg, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. That's why I was disappointed in our ranking on this list.  You can view the complete list of stadium rankings here. Tell us what you think Hokies!  Has Lane lost a step or two?