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Virginia Tech Hokies Jump to 17 in AP poll and land at 19 in the Coaches Poll

The Hokies move up big in the Coaches Poll and replace UNC in the AP poll at 19 and 17 respectively. Miami is still ahead of us in both polls - 2 places in the Coaches’ Poll. Here’s today’s news roundup before we head into Beat ‘Cuse Mode. (update as poll link changed)

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at North Carolina
Sam Rogers Being Sam Rogers
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Hokies launch up 8 spots to replace UNC at 17 in the AP NCAA FBS Rankings. The Amway/USAToday Coaches’ Poll is a tad less generous at a nonetheless huge jump, FBS oblivion to respectability we suppose, to appear for the first time in that critical poll at 19th.

UPDATE: Please note that the Coaches Poll Link changed. Hokies are at 19 in the Coaches Poll. The prior link was to the 128 ranking and that’s a different ball of wax entirely. Miami is still ranked ahead of us at 17, though.

It’s the end of Week 7, and the weather delayed results are greatly over-anticipated, and overdue. Of course the AP has to put Miami ahead of us at 16, even if by only one place and 30 votes. Not sure of how that calculous worked out, but Miami gets votes for being Miami, and a few more for the “U” thing. Of course the Coaches seem to think that Miami loosing drops them only to 17th (corrected as links sorted out - ed.). Is everyone in the coaching world paying attention? Or do they give the ballots to the interns to pin up on the wall and throw darts at the list?

Suffice it to say, the polls really shouldn’t mean anything to anyone on the team right now. Our next game is in the Carrier Dome against a team that we haven’t played in more than a decade and our record in that old cave isn’t very good. We keep beating hexes. Right now, we need to concentrate on our issues with the old western New York venue and the ghosts of Donovan McNabb.

Miami has lost Brad Kaaya for an undermined period of time and circumstances (practices limited, but no word on missing a game or games) with a shoulder injury. The call was targeting, Kaaya lost a molar and is also under some potential concussion protocol observation. Knocking out a molar isn’t a tiny little hit. Kaaya is most of Miami’s offense, and they face UNC next week (Carolina isn’t going to be in a good mood.) We’ll see how this goes and monitor the reporting.

Florida State v Miami
Kaaya spent some time on the ground against FSU.
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

In the meantime NBC Sports has noticed that we actually won, but had to concentrate on the troubles holding on to the greased pig of a football for us, without really examining the Tar Heel issues much.

The entire season for Week 8 is beating the Orange in their hard luck for Hokies dome. This game. This week. Right Now!