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Clemson Or Louisville? Which is better for Virginia Tech?

The Hokies SHOULD advance to the A.C.C. Championship game. Which of the two Atlantic teams would offer the Hokies a better match up?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the huge Coastal win on Thursday night, the Hokies took a big step towards winning the division.  The Hokies are in complete control of their destiny.  A quick look at the schedule gives the Hokies some optimism heading into November.  The Hokies will travel to South Bend, which is a tough test, but other than that should be favored in every other ball game.  With the season more than half over, it would seem the Hokies are in position to be in Orlando for the A.C.C. title game.  Who the Hokies will face is an interesting conversation.

Louisville barely escaped in Charlottesville, but don't let the performance fool you.  This is the same club that hung a 60 burger on F.S.U., and narrowly lost to Clemson.  Clemson was the media pick to win the division, and have played to form with quality wins, including the season opener at Auburn.  The Tigers seem ready to head back to the playoffs, and their lineup is daunting.  They have arguably the best defensive line in all of college football.  This would pose problems for the Hokies running attack, and Jerod Evans would have to make some quick decisions.  Our secondary has played lights out, save the Syracuse fiasco, and we would be able to contain Clemson's WRs.  Deshaun Watson is one of the most dynamic playmakers in the country, and I'm not sure our LB's would be up to the challenge.  Watson may only be bested by Louisville's Lamar Jackson.

Jackson may not be the generational quarterback that defines a program.  Think Cam Newton.  Think Tim Tebow.  Jackson is a drop below those legends, but not by much.

I don't want any piece of Mr. Jackson, and neither should the Hokie defense.  He is in complete command of the Bobby Petrino offense, and the record book should be quaking.  In a neutral site contest, Louisville is the far scarier team in Orlando.  College football games can be taken over by a singular great athlete.  To me, Jackson is much more dangerous than Watson, but it's kind of pick your poison when it comes to these two.  I can argue that the A.C.C. has the best quarterbacks in the country.  Jackson and Watson are obviously the blue chippers, but Evans isn't far behind.  Let's look to play Clemson in Orlando.  It may be our only chance.