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Your Official GC Game Thread: Hokies vs Tar Heels - 2016

It's a cool, mid 60's and very rainy day in Chapel Hill where the Tar Heels of the University of North Carolina host the Hokies of Virginia Tech. This game means something big to both schools. Not only is it an ACC match-up, but it's a critical Coastal Division contest. This Day. This Game. Right Now... GO HOKIES!!!!!

Looks like it's going to be this kind of day
Looks like it's going to be this kind of day
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The weather isn't going to cooperate much, the forecast is for cool rainy conditions with the water coming down in occasionally heavy doses. The Hokie Defense (#LPD and #DBU) is going to have to stop the fast developing and capable Mitch Trubisky run Carolina offense. The Tech offense is also going to need to change gears. Passing in the rain is a difficult proposition. The Fuente/Cornelsen system is going to get a ground work out, and look for the short game to be critical. Tech's best defense against the Heels' O is keeping it off the field.

The BC game was a Gut Check. The ECU game was a Heart Check. This one is going to be an Attitude Check. Can Tech win on the road against a ranked team? The story unfolds NOW!