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Would Jalen Hurd Fit At Virginia Tech?

The rumors in Knoxville are swirling, and the Hurd transfer news became official on Monday.

NCAA Football: Appalachian State at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Should Butch Jones still be coaching at Tennessee? That’s another article for another day. The specific issue at hand is whether Jalen Hurd could possibly end up playing football at Lane Stadium. No question that Hurd is a very talented running back. He gained 99 yards on 22 carries at The Battle At Bristol. The Hokies got a first hand look at his speed and physicality. Problem is, Hurd is wanting to change positions after he transfers. He is banged up physically. I can only imagine facing Texas A&M, Alabama, and the other stout defenses of the S.E.C. every single week. It takes a toll, and the 20 year old wants to try something different. At 6’4” 240, he would be a tremendous asset to any team that gets him. My biggest question would be, “Where is he playing?”. I’ve seen some Bucky Hodges comparisons on twitter this evening, and that makes sense. Coach Fuente could “recruit” Hurd to fill that spot and get some touches through the air. I mention Coach Fuente because this happened tonight:

Kudos to Alex Koma and his team at The Key Play for noticing an important fact. Fuente is not following him for his health. Fuente does not need to see what Hurd ate for breakfast. Hopefully some DM’s are happening now, and Hurd gives Virginia Tech solid consideration. I’m a big fan of putting the best athletes on the field, and Hurd would help any team he chooses to join. I do have some trepidation bringing on any toxic type of locker room guy, but as some of the dirty laundry is being aired in Knoxville, I’m not so sure Hurd is the real issue.