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Virginia Tech’s Football Season Comes Down To U.V.A.

#LOLUVA could play the ultimate spoiler

Virginia v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

I get it. You are mad because the Hokies got upset at home on Saturday. Well, I have some great news for you. The Hokies control their own destiny. If the Hokies beat that school up north, they go to Orlando and play for the A.C.C. title. The Hokies could have locked it up this weekend, but the Jackets had other ideas. The loss was especially frustrating, as the Hokies were double digit favorites. The Hokies travel to South Bend this week, and they are an underdog for the first time since facing Tennessee in the Battle At Bristol.

The game at Notre Dame is special, but actually means very little to the future of the Virginia Tech bowl trajectory. Clemson losing also hurt the Hokies. If the Hokies beat Notre Dame, it’s a good win, nothing more. If the Hokies beat that other state school they go to the championship game. For bowl purposes, the Hokies would effectively step up a tier with a trip to Florida. If the Hokies lose in two weeks, it looks like the Belk Bowl against Auburn. If the Hokies go to Orlando, and lose, it’s pretty wide open. It would depend if Clemson gets selected to the final four. At the beginning on the season I predicted Virginia Tech to finish 8-5. They have certainly outperformed my humble expectations.

Give credit to Justin Fuente and company for a remarkable turn around. I opened this article with a very simple, “I get it.” I know Saturday’s loss was painful, but all things considered, the rebuild is further along than most pundits imagined. Remember this, Fuente is growing as well as the team. There isn’t an instruction manual to lead a top 25 ball club, and growing pains are expected. We have to play hard every week, and Syracuse and Georgia Tech showed what will happen if we can’t execute. I hope the Hokies can finish strong, and I can’t wait to watch the next two weeks. The bowl forecast will completely depend on the last week of the season. You never know about rivalry games, but look for Virginia Tech to make a major statement.