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Virginia Tech @ Notre Dame Gobbler Country Staff Picks

It's time for the G.C. crew to weigh in on the Notre Dame / Hokie first time ever match-up on the gridiron.

No Skipper today... So we will provide it.
No Skipper today... So we will provide it.
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports
It's staff pick time, and frankly no one really wanted to hazard a guess, and no one thinks that the Hokies are going to pull it off.  The weather is horrid in South Bend.  It's snowing, it's going to sleet and dump all sorts of windy Great Lakes November nastiness on this one.  The Hokies have a chance.  We'll have to wait and see if they pull it off.

Joshua Schneider

I have a hard time believing anything about this team. Until we see offensive production on a consistent basis from this team, and an improvement in tackling and collecting defensive assignments? I'm doubting that we get the win on the road. I'd love to be proven wrong. But right now, after multiple quarters of uninspired play...I'm going to have to take Notre Dame at home, 34-24. If the offense turns it around it might be different, but right now, they're stuck in neutral but for the garbage time points they scored the other day.  34 - 24 Irish

Jawhar Ali

This season, after a loss, the Hokies have defeated their next opponent by 49 and 21. But this is Notre Dame, not Boston College or a depleted Miami team. Virginia Tech's biggest challenge this game will be containing yet another mobile QB in DeShone Kizer (surprise!) . While his play has been slightly disappointing this year, he still has the arm talent and the legs to be a nightmare for defenses. The Hokies' pass rush probably won't be as strong as Notre Dame also boasts a strong OL that should give Kizer time in or out of the pocket to pick apart the Hokies' secondary. The defense has certainly underwhelmed outside of Blacksburg, giving up 381 Y/G on the road. Offensively, Virginia Tech's inability to run the football consistently and control the tempo has to change in South Bend to give them a chance to win. They have failed to control the line of scrimmage for portions in every game this season which has hurt them, and I don't think that changes against ND.  28 -23 Irish

Jay Johnson

Virginia Tech has responded to every loss with a win, but both of those victories were home games.  Although they have lost some games against questionable teams, Notre Dame concerns me.  They are completely backed into a corner right now.  The Fighting Irish were supposed to be serious CFB Playoff contenders, and in the preseason, I picked this as a certain loss for the Virginia Tech Hokies.  Notre Dame is fighting for a bowl berth and respect, at this point.  It’s an away game, ND must win out to be bowl eligible, and the Hokies have hit an oil slick of pedestrian offensive play over the last three games.  If the Hokie offense cannot return to its early and mid-season form they will again struggle.  I have a hard time picking against the Hokies, and man do I want to be wrong, but I think the Fighting Irish win this contest.   27 - 17 Irish

John Schneider

There is no telling where this game is going to go.  The odds makers gave up.  The Hokies are the better team on paper and by record, but the Irish are the Irish and they are at home in really bad weather.  It's snowing as of now, and by game time they are predicting temperatures in the low 30's and lots of "wintry mix".  It is going to be a tough physical football game where the conditions drain every ounce of strength from the players on both sides.  I think the Irish win this, but the Hokies really do have a chance.  Passing is going to be difficult which negates our major offensive advantage.  24 - 21 Irish... but it could be 24 - 21 Hokies

Roy Hatfield

Not sure if it's Dr. Jeckyll or Mr. Hyde, but the Hokies continue to confuse us.  I find it really difficult to imagine the Hokies going to South Bend and getting the W.  Brian Kelly is coaching for his job, and the game has no A.C.C. implications for Virginia Tech, so obviously I'm taking Virginia Tech 31-24.

Bryan Manning

(same thing different person.  Hokie Nation to Bryan... come in Bryan.)