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Virginia VS Virginia Tech Gobbler Country Staff Picks

The Hokies have only the Commonwealth Cup to play for against #LOLUVA. What do the guys at G.C. think will happen?

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Jay Johnson

UVA’s transitory year has been a disappointment for the fans and the team.  Regardless of the season’s overall record, if the Cavaliers manage to defeat the Virginia Tech Hokies Bronco Mendenhall’s rookie effort will be considered a resounding success.  UVA has nothing to lose, and much to gain by snapping VPI’s 12-game winning streak.  The Cavaliers are sick of losing to the Hokies.  Frustration or apathy continues to blossom within the Hoo fanbase.  UVA is going to bring everything they have.  In the last four meetings the game has been won by four points or less.  This season signals a change for both programs.  New head coaches, new staffs (mostly), and new philosophies, to me means the last 12 meetings provide little indication on this year.  UVA is starting senior, Matt Johns, whether that means he will play the entire game or not probably has more to do with his performance.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see Benkert under center.  Over the last few weeks the Hokies have shown susceptibility to the deep passing game, and Benkert has been streaky before.  I think the Hoos are overmatched in every facet of the game (except their punter is pretty good).  Their secondary will struggle with dealing with Ford, Hodges, Phillips, and Carroll.  The UVA defensive line cannot give Evans time.  If they are able to hurry the Hokie QB they can slow the VT offense.  If they are unable to make Evans uncomfortable, it will likely be a very long day for the Cavalier defense.  The Hoos absolutely cannot let the Hokies get up by multiple scores, If VT can dominate early then I think UVA may curl up and the game will get out of hand.  On the other side… it is a rivalry game, full of frustration and emotion.  If UVA can pressure Evans into early throws and find a way to get some big plays on offense the game could be another nail biter.  Though, I do think the Hokies control this game.  Fighting Gobblers win, 35-17.

John Schneider

I am nervous about this game.  Matt Johns isn't better than Benkert, but he certainly has a big head of steam up about this game.  It's his final game as a Hoo, and given that he hasn't been a QB generating any serious professional interest, it's going to be his final football game, period.  That's a dangerous quality all its own.  The Wahoos don't match up against us well at all.  Frankly this should be a blow out game and we should win sprinting away, like we did with Miami or ECU.  The problem is that we are favored by EVERYONE to win in a sprint away blowout, with lots of garbage time for backups.  So that makes me very edgy.  We just haven't done well with those sorts of previews.  I think that we pull this off, and eventually build up a head of steam to win.  32-16 Hokies.

Bryan Manning

Yeah, we know the Hokies have dominated this series. More so than any other state rivalry in college football. But with both schools having new coaches in place, the dynamic has changed a bit. UVA has absolutely nothing to lose and an upset would give them positive momentum heading into the offseason. It would erase what has been another awful season, just by beating the Hokies. This is Virginia's national championship. The Hoos will be fired up. Do I expect them to win? Well, no. However, I do think it will be another one that goes down to the wire. But Tech has too much on offense and will pull away early in the fourth quarter.

VT 31, UVA 20

Joshua Schneider

I don't know who to pick. I know heavily favored we've come out super flat. Each of our last few games have either been super close or complete stinkers. I know how objectively based UVA is but who knows what happens with rivalry game BS going around. I still don't trust this team's consistency at all. I know we should theoretically be able to win pretty much every match up across the board; that doesn't mean we will. I think the psychology of whatever happens to UNC when they play and either lose or win against NC State could play into it. I just have no trust in this team at the moment...give me the Hokies by the 3 point home advantage 27-24. I just can't stomach picking UVA to do it.

Roy Hatfield

With N.C. State doing the Hokies a huge solid, I'm not exactly sure what will happen on Saturday.  The Hokies don't play well as big favorites, but the Commonwealth Cup needs to stay here.  This needs to be a statement game for the Hokies.  I don't want to see Fuente show ANY mercy on the 'Hoos.  This is a key game for recruits, as well as the seniors.  I like Tech big in this one. Hokies 45 #LOLUVA 17.

Jawhar Ali

Virginia Tech already has the Coastal Division locked up with UNC's loss on Friday, so this game is meaningless in terms of standings but I'm sure Fuente won't want his players to think that way. Having said that, I can totally see the Hokies coming out flat at home against what will likely be a fired up UVA squad. The 'Hoos are playing QB Matt Johns, a player that has experience playing the position at the collegiate level. I don't think he can carry UVA to an away victory but he can make it a lot closer than it has to be. The last two years have provided close games between the two rivals, so there is reason to believe this could be another nail-biter. This is a rivalry that the Hokies have dominated over the past twelve years, and I don't see that changing this year. 13 in a row.

37-13 Hokies