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Virginia Tech piledrives Virginia

VT Wins Big in Blacksburg. VT ends regular season 9-3

NCAA Football: Virginia at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Well, gents, there's not a ton to talk about.

We whooped 'em.

Started slow, but ended up being a very one-sided affair. After an early fumble and a couple of stalled drives, the Hokies offense got rolling. Sam Rogers's first TD in the first quarter was the only time we'd see one touchdown in a quarter. He had 105 yards rushing by the third quarter to go with two touchdowns and 29 yards receiving. Evans got pulled in the third quarter after going 16-27 with 2 TDs in the air and a TD on the ground on a fourth down just 'cause Fuente felt like it. When it was already 28-0 at half and the score was almost doubled by the end of the third quarter, really, there's not much to say.

The fumbling still sucks. The rushing defense could be better. I'm not sure what happens to Travon next year, or if Ford or Bucky will stay, or if Evans can stop throwing into the middle of the field across his body into traffic. I'm also not sure if we burned all our scoring karma this week instead of saving it for Clemson.

Look, this was Fuente coming out of the gates with a baseball bat in hand and by the time that Mendenhall waved a white flag by kicking a 29 yard field goal, it was clear that these are two teams that don't belong on the same playing field. Motley and the second string offense came in and was beating UVA like an old rug for good measure- see the pop pass to Travon on the Sam Rogers FB Seam route that went for a TD.

The defense wrapped up three takeaways to counter our own two fumbles, and there's not much to say other than that it didn't matter who UVA put in at quarterback. Johns threw picks, Benkert threw incompletions, and Brewer had one really uninspiring fumble. Mizzell had a couple of good runs, Conte punted alright, but again, it didn't matter all that much- heck, we had a couple good returns. Yes, they got a TD on the backups. That's not worrying me much. Let's just be glad that Bucky and Facyson are okay after going down on the field.

So forgive me for my lack of optimism before, and for thinking that spread was nonsense. Tech hung a million on a team that by all rights SHOULD HAVE been run out of the stadium. We had a 100ish recruits in town today; we better have had a clean performance this time after laying an egg against Georgia Tech. Next game is Clemson, and if you think we needed to off Virginia, we REALLY have to gird our loins for a Tigers attack that's going to not want to mess around.

Side note, I do hope Zach Bradshaw is alright. The UVA player got carted off the field, and I hope the injury wasn't that bad. All team hype aside, I don't like seeing players injured.

Final score is 52-10. I don't think it was really that close. But this concludes the regular season. On to the ACC Championship. Go Hokies.