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Buffalo Signs Logan Thomas to Their Active Roster as a Tight End

No sooner than Detroit giving Logan Thomas a chance to play what he always should have been playing, Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills pick him up as a much needed Tight End for their active roster.

Virginia Tech v Miami
Logan Thomas Running the Ball - maybe now after a catch in a Buffalo Bills Uniform
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Logan Thomas has signed to play football at Tight End for the Buffalo Bills. No sooner do we hear the great news, for those of us who knew, that the Detroit Lions were giving him a shot on their Practice Squad, when Rex Ryan picks up another Hokie to play for the Buffalo Bills.

Maybe Rex saw the last play between Tyrod and Logan - where Logan caught the TD pass as a Tight End? It’s all speculation but I bet Tyrod had a word or two put in for his old teammate.

These are desperate time for many middle of the pack football teams. They are 2/3rds into the season, have potential shots at Wild Cards or even just the pleasure of having a winning record. The trade deadline is gone, and rosters are being depleted.

Who knows if we’ll see much of Thomas on the field in the beginning. There will be much to learn, and lots of new plays, terminology, playing habits, and drills to master. Logan should have done this after BA tried to make the QB thing work, and it just didn’t.

Hokie Nation has many fond memories of Logan Thomas. The one great season. The Miami game comeback and win, and the agony of getting jobbed by the Refs in the Sugar Bowl when Danny Coale caught the potentially winning touchdown but all of that is the past.

We wish Logan Thomas well, and think that he’s really made the right choice. I am looking forward to seeing the ‘Hokies in the NFL’ announcements during the games next year where Tyrod and Logan show up together.