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Virginia Tech Hokies Jump to #14 in the CFB Poll

The Virginia Tech Hokies football team might be flagging a bit in the Coaches poll, but we certainly took a big five point jump to #14 in the poll that counts, CFB.

Virginia Tech v Duke
Ford going up for one. Need to do that a lot on Saturday
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

There is no trivializing this five point advance in the College Football Bowl rankings for the beginning of the second week in November. The Hokies ended up advancing to #14 with three weeks to go in their regular season schedule and their ACC Coastal Division fate in their own hands.

There are four other ACC teams in the top 25 CFB rankings. Clemson is still bumping up there at #2, Louisville is hanging on the edge at #6, with Carolina bumping up a bit #17 and #18, respectively. That’s a pretty huge jump from #6 to #14, though. We’ll see if there is “room to rise” over the next three games.

It’s the Battle of the Techs at Lane stadium on Saturday at 3:30. Georgia Tech is never a push over for us, and weirdly this season we have been snake-bitten by teams that we should beat easily, Syracuse, Pitt, and Duke. (Though we nipped the two latter by 3 points each.)

All in all it’s pretty amazing that as of week 12 of the 2016 season, your Virginia Tech Hokies are #14 and leading the ACC Coastal. I know somewhere in the back of more than a few someones’ minds is that thought of “How are we going to beat Dabo and the Tigers in Orlando?”

Yeah, that’s nice. I can tell you lots about what I think about that... LATER! First it’s the Wreck of Georgia Tech driving its Paul Johnson difficult to dope, maddeningly frustrating to stop option offense into Lane Stadium.

Okay, we’re 14.. cool... Okay we can win the Coastal, fine. Right now we have to beat the Yellow Jackets. It’s that simple. One Game. One Team. Right Now!


-Article corrected (06:30 - 11/9) for #6 Louisville - who the author completely blanked on in his haste to report this out to you all. Sorry, my bad. (Still not used to Louisville being in the ACC... just seems strange...)