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Virginia Tech and Wakeyleaks: What We Know So Far

What a tangled web...

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday afternoon, a very bizarre story broke out of Winston-Salem, N.C.. Radio broadcaster, Tommy Elrod was dismissed from his duties amid allegations of providing game plan information to opponents. Wake Forest issued a statement stating Elrod has “been banned from Wake Forest athletics and its facilities.” The former Wake Forest QB coached at Wake for 11 years. Was it a case of hurt feelings when new coach Dave Clawson decided not to retain Elrod? It will most certainly come out in the wash. So far the teams fessing up to the extra help are: Army, Louisville, and Virginia Tech. Wait a minute..VIRGINIA TECH?

Louisville’s A.D. Tom Jurich addressed the story yesterday with a statement.

After the internet spent the afternoon trading Bobby Petrino jokes, the dust was starting to settle. It was settling until David Teel of Daily Press sent out a cryptic tweet this afternoon:

The collective Hokie Nation held its breath, and Whit Babcock confirmed what everyone was speculating.

The assistant coach has yet to be named. There are more rumors and innuendo floating around the twittersphere, but nothing is proven. Keep it locked on Gobbler Country to stay in the know. We will continue to update this article as news develops.

UPDATE 12/16/2016 3:52 PM

Louisville has decided to suspend co-offensive coordiantor, Lonnie Galloway, who allegedly received information from Elrod.