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John Swofford Needs To Speak Up On WakeyLeaks

The A.C.C. has a golden opportunity to address this type of behavior. All eyes are on North Carolina to see how the commissioner handles this situation.

NCAA Football: ACC Football Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off an incredible A.C.C. Championship game, John Swofford has a really difficult situation to deal with. With WakeyLeaks, it appears the A.C.C. has a truly tricky wicket on its hands. The internet is calling for everybody’s heads (as is the norm), but at the end of the day, Swofford has a business to run. There has to be accountability, but who and where? It doesn’t make sense to pummel Wake Forest for a rogue employee who allegedly, made some very poor choices. Wake Forest has been ahead of this thing from jump street, and IMO, handled it as best as it could be.

My solution is pretty simple. The A.C.C. needs to find out what assistant coaches agreed to be complicit in receiving the information. Those coaches would be then be suspended for four games, without pay. It’s severe, but when you speak to integrity, there should be some real ramifications. Reading Whit Babcock’s statement, one line stood out to me brighter and bigger than the best.

If that is truly the case, than Virginia Tech will handle any punishment or sanctions the A.C.C. decides to invoke. The bigger question is simple: Why hasn’t the A.C.C. gotten ahead of this thing, and what is John Swofford’s reaction? We are talking about the legitimacy of competition. Here we are running guys off the field for targeting, and this yahoo was allegedly delivering gameplan information. When the coaches that were complicit “list” comes out (and it will), I hope Commissioner Swofford makes the right decision. If said assistants are in different conferences, then I hope the N.C.A.A. follows the direction of the A.C.C. BMOC.

Maybe if John Swofford needs a course in leadership or class, he can give @hokiesports a follow and see how it’s done: