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Chuck Oliver Sums up Virginia Tech’s Wakeyleaks Involvement Perfectly

Atlanta based sports personality nails it on the head.

NCAA Football: Independence Bowl-Tulsa vs Virginia Tech Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Chuck Oliver has an outstanding college football show based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Of all the talking heads out there, I find his show is full of unique takes. Most of the talk shows are just recycled “hot takes”, but Chuck Oliver takes it one step further. Chuck is original, and really puts the work into his show. It was no surprise that Chuck weighed in on Wakeyleaks, and his take was spot on. He was very complimentary of the integrity surrounding the Virginia Tech program.

You can listen to the entire podcast with Chuck’s comments by clicking here.

The best point of his take was that when you live with integrity, like Frank Beamer, “No can mean no.” In other words, people will have an easier time believing Frank Beamer and Bud Foster, than say Bobby Petrino. Overall, Whit Babcock has completely handled this difficult situation the correct way. The Virginia Tech way, with class and respect.