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CFB ACC Player Rankings are out, Jerod Evans is #16

Jerod Evans makes the CFB ACC Top 25 Player list. It’d have been nice to see some more names like Ford or Hodges, or Baron, but after the last few seasons one “Dazzling” mention is very nice. Congratulations to Jerod and Coaches Fuente and Cornelsen.

Jerod Evans Finishing off UVA
John Schneider - SB Nation

The lists of player rankings and various awards are going out and the usual suspects are showing up ready to nab top notice. The CFB has published its Top 25 ACC Players list. It’s almost as if the words - “hey, he’s already won the ‘Super McSuperstar’ trophy, maybe someone else should get a shot at some notoriety...” never made sense to most sports folks. Of course the ACC would sport Lamar Jackson as the number 1 player, it just goes without saying.

What is nice, however, is that Jerod Evans made a solid first season appearance in the list at #16. It’s true that Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky came in at #10 (undeserved, but you know how the voters love that Carolina Blue with the spiffy argyle helmet stripes), maybe Jerod deserved the #10 spot and Trubisky should have been zoning around 16. Jerod did beat the argyle off of Trubisky’s socks on the field, but for a Virginia Tech Quarterback to be noticed by the CFB for (paraphrasing here) dazzling in his first year, is pretty special. I’d like to have seen Isaiah Ford mentioned somewhere in that list, but as sparse as the kudos have been for the Hokies over the past few seasons, it’s nice to have a fine young man mentioned in good order.

It’s ramp up time for the Belk Bowl, the media guides are out, the tickets are selling (more about that a bit later) and the team looks to put some bowl break controversies behind it. I am sure that Jerod Evans is all about prepping to take on Arkansas. Maybe he can work some of that “Dazzle” into the picture for the game.

Way to go Jerod!!!