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Join Gobbler Country For The ACC Championship

NCAA Football: Virginia at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is Nigh! Soon the Virginia Tech Hokies will travel to Orlando, Florida and challenge the Clemson Tigers for the ACC Championship!

Gobbler Country is your best option for coverage of the ACC Championship game! There are several avenues for readers to participate in the opportunities presented by Gobbler Country.

First and foremost, if you have not already, please create an SB Nation account. Such an account will allow you to post comments about our articles and also participate in our game threads. While you are on the Gobbler Country homepage scroll up to the top and look at the top right of the page. You will see “LOGIN / SIGN UP.” Select SIGN UP and fill out the short form to generate your SB Nation profile. Once that is complete you will be required to confirm your account via the email provided in your account request. Once you have confirmed your SB Nation account you will be able to participate directly on the Gobbler Country website via article comments! I strongly recommend that you do so. The game threads are lively and we are always excited to see what readers have to say regarding the articles!

On to social media! @gobblercountry is our Twitter account, and is the quickest way to see when we post new articles, and gain access to additional content, outside of the aforementioned articles. Our facebook page is another fantastic outlet to gain access to our articles, provide your opinions, and interact directly with Gobbler Country contributors during live video broadcasts!

Below is a list of contributor Twitter accounts:

Roy: @roybhatfield

John: @VTNeanderthal

Josh: @VTStatBoy

Jay: @jjohnsonVATech

Jawhar: @soundslikejafar

Bryan: @BryanDManning

Getting to game day proper. The ACC Championship kick-off is at 8PM EST, and will be televised on ABC. Contributor game picks will go live the morning of the game. Gobbler Country will have a live broadcast, on our Facebook page, at 645 PM EST, for a pre-game discussion. You can expect the game thread to go live on at 755PM EST. In addition to our half-time and post game recaps, we will also have a live broadcast on the the Facebook page 10-15 minutes after the game!

We hope to see you there! LET’S GO HOKIES!!!