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Does Shane Beamer’s Involvement in “WakeyLeaks” affect Frank Beamer’s Legacy?

The “WakeyLeaks” scandal appears to have come to a conclusion.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Virginia Tech Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

News came out today that former Virginia Tech assistant coach, Shane Beamer, was the complicit partner with “WakeyLeaks” conspirator Tommy Elrod. It’s a pretty bad look for the Georgia Bulldog assistant, and one starts wondering who all knew the inside information. In a statement, Shane Beamer stated he acted alone. “I did not share this information with anyone, including our student-athletes, anyone on the coaching staff, or my father, nor did we use the information in the game.” Hmm. So we are to believe that Beamer received a call from Elrod the night before the game. In said call, Elrod divulged some tendencies or plays Wake Forest might use during the game. At this point, Shane Beamer hangs up the phone and rents Paul Blart: Mall Cop at the team hotel. That’s the narrative.

Not really sure I’m buying that. I think it’s admirable that Shane Beamer is taking one for the team here, but it would be foolish to think that this valuable information was not communicated. I’m not insinuating that Frank Beamer knew any of this happened, I’m merely stating that if that type of information was received, it would be shared. The A.C.C. has come down hard on Virginia Tech. The conference has fined the school $25,000 for basically, an ethical breach. That’s the maximum allowed under the conference bylaws. Shane Beamer was fined that same amount from his current employer, Georgia.

Unless something else drops from this disaster, this should effectively end this bizarre tale once and for all. Unless something else drops. Most Virginia Tech fans would argue that the mea culpa from Shane Beamer should be enough. I’m not really sure if Frank Beamer was conferenced in on Elrod’s call would really matter all that much. I’m not sure if a video came out with Frank Beamer and Tommy Elrod eating a pancake breakfast would matter that much. Lest we forget, we lost that game. That doesn’t excuse the poor behavior or bad decision making, but that awesome insight that Tommy Elrod provided produced this masterpiece: